If ever an advert deserves to be called creative, it’s this advert. It combines just the right amounts of mysticism and suspense which leads up to a shocking reveal in the end. In a world where you can send a message half way across the globe in a matter of moments, people seldom consider the safety issues involved. The internet is rife with traps for the unwary and people never consider that the information they post online can be used against them and as such this ad serves the purpose of introducing people to the idea that the internet and social media isn’t as secure or private as people believe and that people can easily use the information you post online against you in all manner of way.
The ad starts out by inviting people into the tent of a person who claims he can read their minds, they sit and this soothsayer then starts do dance around doing all those things he needs to do so he can read the persons mind, he then start giving them tidbits of information about their personal lives. He tells one person the school they were in, he tell another that he feels she has insects of their back which turn out to be butterfly tattoos, he describes a person’s house to them, he even gives one person their credit card number and as the participants sit there in awe not quite understanding how this stranger could possibly be reading their minds, Voila! A section of the tent collapses to show a group of people sitting on computers with the peoples Facebook pages open on a big screen. Here is where you make the connection, the big reveal when things become clear, they show then how is it is to gather information on a person you’ve never met before just from the things they share on social networking sites and it drives home the message that while this time the information was used to teach them a lesson, it could also be used to malicious intent.

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