Reflection On ” How to enhance creativity”


Throughout watching this video, and throughout this course for that matter, I have noticed that recently, quite a few people have been trying to, as it were, domesticate creativity.  They have tried capture that elusive creature that is creativity and tame her to be available when needed, more and more creativity is becoming a systematic discipline you can follow, a process you should stick to, in order to get to the most creative ideas, and while I was considering all that a question came to mind: “Should we really be doing that?”.

The allure of creativity has always been in its elusiveness, in its freedom. I had some difficulty accepting a more systematic form of creativity because simply enough, the word systematic conjures up in my mind a black and white image filled with straight lines and sharp corners, while the most common image that comes to mind when you mention creativity is usually a splash of colours, curves and images all vibrating with a sort of inner exuberance. With those images in mind I felt attempting to tame creativity was nothing short of tragic.

I then tried to shift my perspective, I considered all the natural phenomena throughout the ages and how their documentation and explanation in scientific terms did nothing to lessen their beauty and that it was only to be expected that a time would come when we would try to define the creative process and make use of it the way a turbine would make use of a fast flowing river. Turning creativity into a discipline that can be taught and followed would defog the mysteries of creative problem solving to many more people and make for generally more efficient solutions to the problems that face us in our day to day lives. 


6 thoughts on “Reflection On ” How to enhance creativity”

  1. Well I actually had the exact same thought at some point in the course, but as you said I realized that following a systematic rule is just to speed up the process of learning. Not to mention that the purpose is not to memorize the steps, its just to get exposed and familiarized with the technique that might help us think in a better way when it comes to problem solving. Creativity may also be considered as a musical instrument, some are simply born with the talent to play it, so with a little practice they can play it fluently, while others don’t have the talent and need to follow a systematic curriculum to be able to play any instrument!

  2. mohamedmoataz says:

    I totally agree with you. The whole part of creativity process confuses me and makes me wonder whether it violates the real definition of creativity or not .

  3. I really like the way you think of creativity,as it is true that it is better not to have a systematic process to follow.It is better to let the ideas flow without disciplines.However,i think that these process could help us a little to get more ideas.

  4. Thinking of creativity in a systematic way do kill ideas and i liked the way you described the differences between the systematic form of creativity and how creativity is defined in colours and images.

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