Reflection on “The Nile Project”



Sometimes you can’t help but respect the tenacity of some people, people who when faced with adversity, choose to take matter into their own hands. It is two such people, Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis and Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero who have founded the Nile project. Feeling that the distinctive culture of the Nile was coming under threat and wanting to do something about it, Girgis and Hadero decided to play their part in saving the Niles culture and so they started the Nile Project.

The projects mission statement is to “…Inspire, educate, and empower Nile citizens to work together towards fostering the sustainability of the river’s ecosystem.” And they have decided to attempt this using something that is near and dear to both of them, music. They gathered various musicians from countries the Nile crosses and started making concerts in them, after each concert they would gather around university students and various community members to give them an understanding of the Nile’s Social, economic and environmental challenges, they would then help the students think up creative ideas to help solve these problems and support them in the implementation of these ideas.    

And once again I’ll say that Girgis and Hadero deserve nothing less than a standing ovation because where people would normally say “We are only two people, what can we do?” they chose to take matters into their own hands and have now started an initiative that will hopefully play a great role in preserving the Nile and its culture.








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